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Road Test Rental Vehicles

Many students are unable to provide their own car for their road test.
Southland Registrations can provide rental vehicles for the following road tests:

2012 Chevy Cruze
Automatic Transmission
Class 5 GDL | Class 5 GDL Exit | Class 4

  • Class 5 GDL | 2012 Chevrolet Cruz
  • Class 5 GDL Exit | 2012 Chevrolet Cruz
  • Class 4 | 2012 Chevrolet Cruz

Vehicles that are provided for rent are for road testing purposes only, and are only available for the duration of your road test. Road test reservations and rental vehicles for your road test can be booked in person or online through AlbertaDriverExaminer.ca. All online road test bookings must be pre-paid via PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard. Rental vehicles for Southland Registrations will be displayed if available.

The vehicle you rent is insured, registered and qualifies as a road worthy vehicle to conduct your road test in.

You’re rental vehicle will be waiting for you If you’ve booked a rental vehicle online through AlbertaDriverExaminer.ca at the time you check-in for your road test. Keys will be provided by the driver examiner that will be conducting your road test.
For our rental vehicle policies please click here.

Rental Vehicle Pricing:
Class 5 GDL: $50.00 + GST
Class 5 GDL EXIT: $65.00 + GST
Class 4: $65.00 + GST
Class 6: $80.00

Class 6 motorcycle rental vehicles do not include gear such as helmets, goggles, or gloves