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Licence Plates
Are you a veteran, or looking for a personalized plate? Not sure what to bring?
This section will also tell you about plate transfers, trailer plates and antique plates.

Veteran's Plates Veteran's Plates
Are you a veteran?
To honour those that have served our country, there is a special series of veteran's licence plates available. Find out if you are eligible.
  Personalized Plates
Looking for a peronalized plate?

Find out online if the personalized plate that you want is available.
Antique Plates
Is your antique vehicle in a car show or parade?
Find out if your vehicle qualifies for an antique plate, and how to get one.
  Trailer Plates
Bought a new trailer?

Click here to find out information about trailer registration.
Plate Transfers
Have you acquired a new vehicle, and want to use an existing plate?

Click here for information on how to transfer your plate, and what you need to bring.